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We can’t stress enough how important professional installation and maintenance is. Doing so will not only maintain the health and appeal of your home but also ensure its value should you decided to sell. 

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Professional Solutions

Do not install siding yourself! Doing so is not only a safety hazard but also can lead to unsatisfactory consequences like warping, tearing, and weathering problems due to improper installation. We can’t recommend enough getting a professional job done by one of our highly certified, trained, and experienced inspectors.

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Here in “Tornado Alley” weather can prove severe and unpredictable. Natural phenomena such as hail, rain, and extreme temperatures will result in heavy damage to your exterior. If left disrepair, damage costs will increase and your property value will decrease. 

Siding Repair

Effects of Damaged Siding

Damage to the siding on any structure can compromise your home’s water resistance. No matter the size of the damage, the moisture that settled will begin to rot wood framing. It also allows for outside air to come in, leading to higher energy bills. 

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