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With two decades of experience installing metal and asphalt roofing, you have reliable professionals ready to help with a replacement. This process includes the option of either total replacement or recovery of existing shingles for your new roof. We will provide a professional assessment and a commitment to finishing your project on time and to your approval. 

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The Process

Roofing Replacement

Stage 1: Initial Inspection

Our experienced professional will take measurements in square footage, assess the slope, and calculate the other unique details of your roof. 

If there is major damage, we will also assess the broader situation and identify other repairs that need to be made.

It is important to note that in cases of major damage, you are better off replacing the entire roof than just a portion. While your other roof sections may be serviceable, they will be significantly older than your new section and the home may look unseemly from the street.

It is your home and we will help you weigh all of your options.

Roofing Replacement

Stage 2: Assessment

The inspector will share the recorded data with you and discuss brand and product options. Warranties and the lifespan of the roof will also be discussed.

There may need to be additional consultation with your insurance provider to see which parts of your replacement are covered. Remember, we are on your side when it comes to insurance and will do our best to use it to the full extent!

Appropriate paperwork will commence only after all decision-making has been made.

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Stage 3: Roof Installation

We always meet if not exceed industry standards. Our efficient and timely delivery is a testament of our pride in our work. 

We do our best to keep on the set timeline within our control and will update you about our progress points. 

Our greatest referral source is a beautiful roof and a happy client.

We can replace your chimney upon request at additional cost. 

Roofing Replacement

Step 4: Completion

Upon completion and passing inspection guidelines, the bill will be submitted. You know have a new roof that has been made with pride and will likely last longer than you will live there.

We stand by our work and warranties, though it is rare that we ever have to return to a job. We do it right the first time. 

Please call us at 256-625-9305 for a FREE consultation.