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Being locally owned and operated for two decades we understand the importance of a well-maintained roof. Because of this, we offer free inspections and expert consultation to improve your quality of living. 

Please call us at 256-625-9305 for a FREE consultation today!

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Reasons to get your roof checked.

  • To help you identify problem areas such as…
    • weathering
    • structural damage
    • improper sealing
    • leaks
    • corrosion
    • damaged shingles
    • poor ventilation 
  • To use our findings to offer an accurate diagnosis and a comprehensive plan at a reasonable price. 
  •  To ensure the longevity of your roof and prevent repeat maintenance. Additionally, we recommend regular checkups to help you stay on top of any rising issues. 

Why choose James R. Maxwell & Associates?

  • no money down, payment upon completion
  • FREE consultation
  • proven reputation
  • accurate diagnosis, no gimmicks
  • open scheduling
  • professional investigation
  • easy-to-understand assessment
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